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The Benchmark for Quality

For over three decades, TRI MODELS has collaborated with the world’s leading aviation and aerospace companies to create superior wind tunnel models as part of our end-to-end design/evaluation solution. TRI MODELS builds to your exact specifications, delivering performance and results in a shorter time frame than any competitor. All models are precision crafted in our 29,000+-square-foot, state-of-the-art U.S. facility.

Our proficient team of engineers, draftsmen and stress analysts have over a half century of combined experience in designing various types of models, including aerodynamic force and moment, aerodynamic loads, propulsion inlets, nozzles, jet effects, powered lift and hot gas, radar cross section, semi-span high-lift, freejet, and wing icing/deicing for FAA certification models. Our ability to turn concepts into designs in extremely short time periods is unparalleled in the industry. In many cases, we can begin fabrication the same week as we receive your data, as our processes are aligned for concurrent design and fabrication.

Our models have tested in tunnels all over the world; from Moscow to Brazil, France to California, Texas to the UK, so our staff is familiar with these facilities, their requirements and the interfaces to them. Let us assist you in the liaison with the test facility to ensure your test is a success. Many on our Engineering Team have on-site wind tunnel test experience as well as extensive experience in a fabrication environment.

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To stay ahead of our customers’ requirements, we continue to invest heavily in leading-edge technology. We use powerful development resources including the latest CAD software, such as CATIA V5, Mastercam, and Seimens PLM 7.5. We provide drawings, 3D Data Files, Strength Reports and FEA analysis. We also use standard translators, to ensure seamless data transfer with your CAD system.

Should your project entail use of your in-house design staff or your own designs, TMI Engineers will play an integral role as liaison between your engineers and the TMI fabrication department. The shop will rely on our staff to interpret your data or provide sketches as needed, resulting in fewer disruptions to your staff as well as the overall project.